Сообщения за Февраль, 2018


Please, introduce yourselfI’m Arsen, I live in Yerevan,, I  am  fifteen, I study at "Mkhitar Sebastatsi" Educational complex. I like national dances and I dance with great pleasure.    What  time do you get  up on weekdays?

I usually wake up at 6.  How  long does it take you to get  to school?

I go to school on foot and  it takes me 10 minutes.What  do  you do in your free  time?

 In my  work on computer   and surf the net.What  colours  do you like?I like red. What  kind  of  books, movies  do you like  reading or watching?I don’t read books, I like watching  films. How  often do you  go to the cinemas or theatres?

I don’t often go to the  cinema.What   do you  do  at weekends?

  I  lay  and have  a rest at home  at weekends.What  hobbies  do you have?

I dont have hobbies.Do  you  like travelling?

Yes ,I  like very much.What  are  your favourite   subjects  and why?

I like  Geometry  and  Maths. I’m good  at   these subjects.What  you like most about your school?
 I like dance classes.…